Indpendent Contractors – The need for general liability insurance

April 11, 2018

Recently at J&R we’ve run into several independent providers that have a contract with various organizations and the new contracts is requiring the providers to purchase general liability insurance.  The first question that they ask is “Do I really need this coverage?”  Our response is “definitely!” Commercial general liability coverage is similar to the coverage you receive when you purchase a homeowner’s policy.  It provides you protection for any damages that arise from your negligence as a businessowner.  Some examples would 
  • The most common example in the healthcare world would be a slip and fall in any icy parking lot or a patient tripping on a rug.  This is considered a bodily injury exposure.
  • Liability for the actions of your employees like accidently starting a fire at a rented office.  This is considered property damage.
  • If a professional libels/slanders another person or entity
  • Copyright Infringement
Hopefully you find this information helpful.  Any further questions please reach out to any of the people at J&R Agency.