Additional Insured Requests – Helpful Hints

April 11, 2018

A question that doesn’t come up as frequently as it should is, “I’ve got a contract with XYZ company and they are requiring me to name them as additional insured.  Is that okay?”  The answer to that question is that it depends.  Some points to bring to your attention:
  • Some policies provide automatic coverage when the contract calls for the entity to be listed as an additional insured.    
  • On the other hand, some policies don’t provide automatic coverage and each request must be sent to the insurance carrier to be reviewed and endorsed to the policy.   
  • If the contract has wording that requests hold harmless or primary and non-contributory language treat these with caution.  These requests are looking to shift liability to another party.  There is no benefit to the person signing the contract and they can potentially take on claims from the entity that they signed the contract.  
When in doubt please reach out to one of the employees at J&R Agency and we’ll be happy to review the request and make sure that you’re adequately protected.